Saturday, October 10, 2015

Woozworld and scary stories!

Hey guys o3o Bleaty here :D About 60% of you are probably confused about the title. Well that's because lately in WoozNewz  It shows that woozworld wants YOU to submit a scary story :L

Everyone needs a good scary story in their back pocket. You never know when you’ll need to liven up a slumber party, camping trip, or night around the fireplace in an abandoned cabin in the middle of woods miles from help with a serial killer on the loose! (Well, maybe that last scenario doesn’t need more excitement… that’s your call.)
Think you’ve got a story that can wow the crowd – or scare our socks off? Submit your story to us in Woozworld’s WoozNewz HQ and you may see it featured in a future blog post!
Before you submit your story, be sure to read and understand the following guidelines:
– Submit a story longer than 300 words
– Submit more than one story
– Submit someone else’s work
– Rely on images to tell your story. Your words should convey the tale!
– Respect the Woozworld Code of Conduct (no vulgar language, no bullying, etc.)
– Be creative!

Well pretty much said than done, submit your fabulous story (or scary xD) at WoozNews HQ, and no bad language (Especially no stories with Bob dying xC!!) I'm trying to get through this post without umping up and leaving to hid in the bathroom,because there's a very very strong wind/storm where I am, and I'm always thinking a tornado's gonna suck me up like in the cartoons xDD.

I'm hoping personally, Mya will have a Halloween design contest because her contests are always fun to enter :L

Well everyone, Have a fabulous Thanksgiving, I'm off to study for a Science quiz this Friday (Ima nerd :C) :P 

Bleaty signing out!! With more edits coming soon!! check my instagram!!

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