Thursday, October 1, 2015

Weekly Updates!

Heyyyy y'all! Happy first day of Halloween!Cx First of all, I am so so so sorry everyone, I know I promised I would be keeping you all updated with everything, but believe me high school life is damn hard :C But look on the bright side, it's Friday tomorrow and then the weekend, like yass. But seriously, I am trying my best to do this all and school, so yeah. So first off, the new outfits that are available in Zechic section of the Shopz. Check them out:

Isn't it just the cutest outfit? Honestly, this outfit remind me of anime. xD Cupcake buns hmm?

:OOO Unicorns and chill? The queen is slayingg the outfit as usual! Cx

Jay rocking a devilish outfit here. Those red wings on point.

        Back from the dead outfit, is just so cool to be honest. Max is rocking the dead look. C:

These were the outfits there are some other extra hairs and dresses in the Zechic tho. Reminder that Last chance September outfits are available in Store. The outfits that I showed you are NOT IN STORE, there only available in ZECHIC for VIPS. Now moving on to our eventz for this week:

1. Punk Quiz (Thursday,Oct 1)- Hosted by Max.
2. Prep Quiz (Friday,Oct 2)- Hosted by Mya.
3. STOW (Saturday,Oct 3)- Hosted by the Queen as well. (Mya) C:
4. Clique (Sunday, Oct 4)- (Its for those who want to make a unitz based on cliques so the woozband can come and visit them.)
5. Haunted House Unitz Design Contest! (Monday,Oct 5)- YASSSS! FINALLYY! (Jay will announce the contest about making a haunted house on Monday)
6.VIP Map Game (Tuesday, Oct 6)- Hosted by Max.
7. Submit your scary story! (Wednesday, Oct 7)- (This is something new! I guess you have to come with a perff scary story an submit it at the WoozNews HQ)

That's it for eventz! Now I have some announcements of mine own. First of all the contest I have been planning for you guys, well sadly due to my heavy schedule of school and then my own family and homework.. well its complicated. Don't worry we will have a contest, Secondly, I am shifting from Toronto to Richmond Hill, which is great bc my high school which is Richmond Hill High is all the way in Richmond Hill and I currently live in Toronto, so it takes me 2 hours to come and go back, so yeah that is one of the reasons my schedule is like full. But, since I'm moving our wireless router and everything has to be cancelled, so yeah I will be without wifi for a week or two, but I will have my phone and I have 3G on it, but it isn't easy posting from a phone, so if I don't post for a week or two, since I'll be busy shifting and all, don't think that it's an excuse or anything. But after that my schedule will be back to normal and I will have spare time too, so I'll be hosting the contest in that time too. I'l be posting SOTW winners on Saturday too! So stay tuned! That's it for now, stay cool and beautiful you guyss! Peace! Cx xx -Julie

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