Sunday, September 27, 2015

Autumn of Arts

Hey guys o3o I'm really sorry for not posting yesterday or Friday T_T. You might be thinking I'm coming up with excuses but these things I say are real. My friend was leaving for New Brunswick  because her uncle has I think number 4 cancer so he can only live for 5 more years sadly.Me and my sisters were just hanging out with her before she left for a week. I'm also catching up a bit on my Anime because, school has gotten me a bit worked up and stuff ANDDD I'm trying to update YouTube and I actually got instagram (Which is blea_chan) o.o.

Anyways, It's autumn! Leaves changing, leaves falling. etc. Fall has always been my favorite season, mostly because it's not too warm or cold, and you can do many fun things.

Here are some fun activities you can enjoy in fall!

*Climbing tress. This is an oldie but surprisingly fun. You can create cool games using trees,or just hang out or talk in them. If you're a girl, challenge a boy and see who can climb the fastest if you want.

*Art's & Crafts! There are many crafts you can do that are fall themed. Just search on YouTube! Last Week, I made a blueberry frappuccino from Starbucks using cotton balls and paint. It actually ended up looking really realistic & was really fun.

*Leaf piles xD Most of you are probably thinking: ".... Really?" But it is a great childhood autumn themed thing to do.

*Starbucks o3o!! Go with your friends to Starbucks or something. I've only been once and a fact: The cotton candy frapps are fantabulous! Enjoy a nice, warm pumpkin spice latte with your friends C:.

*Do any fun outdoor activities! Winter is just around the corner leaving you with little time to do fun things outside before snow takes over.

Well, that's all I can think of, but what about you? Do you have something you want to add to the list? Put the things you like to do in autumn in the chatbox if you want. That way, you give others some great ideas as well.

I promise I'll try staying on top of my game, this year has been going to a  pretty chaotic start though.Enjoy  the Autumn of Arts and stay warm xx

Bleaty signing out!


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