Thursday, September 10, 2015

Weekly Updates!

Ayeee everyonee! How's school going for you guyss, eh? x) Well, for me I guess a miracle happened this week, so like I had to go to high school on Monday, but the school people called us on Sunday night, that still I haven't been registered, since its a new school, so I have to start school next Tuesday! Omg, that night was the happiest nigh of all my life, I s2g. xDD. Omg. So, I'm back with a weekly update post again for this week. Let's first of all start with the clique 'locker' thing. Since, some of you still don't now how it works. I'm going to tell you. 

1. If you have joined any clique a week before, then you will receive you're locker today. But if you joined just today, your going to receive it tomorrow. 

2. For those of you who joined a clique a week ago, you guys will receive a locker today, but it won't be a locker from the clique you joined, but another clique. What you have to do is you have to find someone from the specific clique that HASN'T OPENED ANY LOCKER yet. 

3. Once that person has opened your locker, you would both get 5 wooz each ( I think). On the top right corner, you will have a combination code, now you can also go open lockers from your clique for example I'm in prep and I can only open prep lockers. Remember, you can only open one locker per day. 

Let's go towards our new outfits for this week:
Girl Outfit 1:

 Girl Outfit 2:
Boy outfit 1:
Boy outfit 2:

So these are the outfits for these week. x) Let's move to the events happening in Woozworld  this week. C:

1. Thursday, Septmeber 10th: Trend Trackerz- Mya
2. Firday, September 11th: Woozolympics Hurdles- Max
3. Saturday, September 12th: Enter the video challenge
4. Sunday, September 13th: Star of the Week- Mya
5. Monday, September 14th- Search Hallway (This is actually not like an event, but for those of you wondering what it is, basically woozens are asked to create a hallway unitz (like a hallway in school) and at a specific time a woozband member will come and visit your untitz.
6. Tuesday, September 15th: Jenny's chat room-Jeny
7. Wednesday, September 16th: VIP Style Scoop-Mya

So, this is pretty much it. Idk, why my post looks so plain today.. oh well. Hope you guys have a good day in school, but look on the bright side it's finally Friday tomorrow. Omg. Weekend at last, amiright? Hehe xD If you guys have any concerns or problems with the 'locker thing' just message me on woozworld (julietrainbow23) or just tell me on the chat box. ( Up right corner) That's all for todayy! Stay cool and beautiful you guysss! -Julie xxx

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