Saturday, September 12, 2015

How to make amazing channel art!

Hey guys C: I'm really sorry for not posting. Weddings and stuff and school work T_T I will try my best to at least post ONCE a week. Anyway, since I still can't get on woozworld except for app xD, I will show you guys:

How to make amazing channel art :D

1.) Choose your style.For me, I put an edited version of my woozin in the middle, with my favorite anime characters on the side,along with a bubble saying who I am. (Plus a background I made by myself that took forever btw)

2.) Get everything you'll need for this. For this, I don't mean get glue and scissors,(haha) I mean get all the things for how you want your channel art to be,like your woozen,background,overlays etc.

3.) Get the template xD. You can find this on google images by searching up: Youtube channel template,or something along the lines of that.

4.) Go to picmonkey,pixlr etc. Go to the editor your use to edit. For example,MS paint,Paint.Net, Pic.Moneky,Pixlr,photoshop,gimp,etc etc.Upload your template so it should look hopefully like this (credtis to purpleskull95's picture). This gives you a guideline to how your channel art will appear on desktop,mobile,and TV.There are labels,for where the desktop Max and minimum is.You don't need this,but it helps keep things organized for when you upload it.If you decided not to use this,that's fine,but you'll most likely find everything getting cut off.

5.) Now,you outline the area of where your art will be.This way,you can erase the background,add in your own,and you'll still know the guidelines of where you're art will be :3.

6.) the fun starts now :) Add in your overlays and photos in your rectangle box. Remember to be creative with this and make it suit you!

7.) Once everything is how you want it to be, upload your background! If there's some glitches or the text isn't very clear/tiny,you should change your background.You can create your own,like I did, or find one on google images.

8.) Finally, delete your guidelines and tada! Your art is ready. Click save and go to youtube! Mine turned out quite good considering I had to re size it 3 times xD


Well I hope this helped anyone struggling,there's some tutorials on picmonkey and such on youtube.Comment in the chatbox for any questions,because if you mail me on woozworld I won't get to you in like,not even a week lmao bye.

Bleaty signing out :D


New sign off soon D:!!!

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