Monday, September 7, 2015

Interview with SOTW Sierra! :')

Heyy Guysss! Happy Mondayy! or Happy Labor Dayy! :')) Sorry, this was supposed to be posted on Sunday, but I was out at the mall all dayy. Sorry :P One more day, until we go back to hell. :'((
Anyways, another SOTW and another starr! Congratulations to our Star of the Week, the amazing pink in pink Sierra! x) Here is a picture of our star!

Not only this, but since Sierra posted the last interview on Woozapalooza. I decided to take her interview this time. :)) But before we get to the interview, lets congratulate the 2nd and 3rd place winners! x)

In 3rd Place: xxSilverwingsxx- Congratzz to my baee! <3

CosmicThunder- Congratulations! :')

In 2nd Place: Lyk4a- Congratzz! :')

Chase-Yolo- Congratulations! :') 
Congratzz everyonee! x) You guyss slayed some amazing outfits! Now, lets get back to our Star. Here is the Interview with Sierra. =)

Me: First of all, how are you feeling at this very moment?

Sierra: I feel pretty great actually. It was wild when Mya announced me as this week's SOTW, because then I started screaming like crazy... And that I almost broke a computer chair.. So, pretty happy I guess.

Me: Oh wow, a computer chair. xD What inspired you to make such an amazing outfit?

Sierra: Well after Woozworld released the WNS Tribute Bundlez I fell in love with the Bubblegum Pop Top. I usually wear Hot Pink colors, but however I just wanted to try and be unique this week. So I found this nice berry pink. And since the Bubblegum Pop Top has "glitter and sparkles" on it, the only glittery stuff I could find was the Glitter and Glow outfit from Prom 2k15- The hair seemed to work perfectly! :)

Me: Isn't that just so creative and amazing at the same time. x) So, What was you're very first reaction, when Mya announced your name as the new SOTW for this week (Instead of you almost breaking a computer chair. xD) and how many times have you been attending it? 

Sierra: I've been attending SOTW for a few times now, I attended last week's and won second for the sapphire blue. But my reaction when Mya announced me was crazy- because right at that moment my PC started blowing up and I was like, "OMG..." and started freaking out like crazy. It's been a huge goal of mine!

Me: Mhm, and now that you have won SOTW, what are you're future plans?

Sierra: Well, I'm excited to be getting married to David (Itching) soon, so I'm expecting that! I'm probably going to try and judge SOTW looks next time, not to mention win an iDesign contest hopefully ;D There's a lot of things to do on here, we'll have to wait and see. :)

Me: Well, congratulations on your wedding. :') Well, my final last questions is, any tips and advice for other woozens that are going for the SOTW title? 

Sierra: I had to go through a lot SOTW shows where I often got disappointed when I didn't place a third or second in the beginning. However, if you keep trying and trying again, you'll get there! Try and experiment with new and old things! (Maybe even change up your color code! CX) Ignore all the haters, and never give up in yourself! We may have our bad days, but no matter what you are a Star: Inside and Out. :)

Me: That is some great word of advice. Once again, thank you so much for letting me take an interview! x) Once again, Congratzz on SOTW and of course your wedding! :') xx

Sierra: Thank you for having me! xx

That's it for now! I will be posting the "Weekly Updates" post on Thursday, since the schedule for woozworld has gone back from Monday to Thursday. Im still crying day and night, bc of high school, from tomorrow. :'( The pain is real. :'( -sighs- But, that's all for todayy! Stay tuned for more and make sure to check back on Thursday for the "Weekly Updates" post. +) Oh and one more thing, since Celia is creating a new theme based on fall/back to school, she mentioned in her last post for some of your ideas. So, if you have some ideas in mind, make sure to tell them in the chat box up in the right corner. ^ =) Have a good last summer holidayy everyonee!See ya guyss laterr! :')) -Julie xxx

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