Saturday, September 12, 2015

Contest Coming Soon! Cx

Yooo, everyone! x) So, I have some exciting news today! I am planning to do a contest for Woozapalooza, since I got the permissions to do it from Celia. But I want my contest to be different for a change. Well, I'm pretty confused on themes and the prize area. There are more contests being held on Woozworld, and all the themes are either back-to-school or Autumn season. But I wanted this one to have a different theme, so I was thinking of something like Halloween, but I still don't know. Also, I'm stuck on the prize as well, so yeah. xD But I need your guys suggestions, so I can get this contest going. Guys, give your suggestions of different theme ideas and prizes for the contest, in the chat box (up right corner) or just message me your ideas on Woozworld (julietrainbow23). If I choose any of your ideas, I'll definitely give you credits. xD I'll release the contest next week, i'll post the details here and even make a video, to post on woozworld. Stay Tuned for moree! Stay cool and beautiful! :')) Baii. -Julie xxx

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