Monday, September 7, 2015

Back to school, back to school. . .

Hey woozens! Mika here x3
Wow, it's been a while! I haven't been on woozworld much lately. . . OH WELL!
So this is most peoples second week back to school which is pretty cool. I know, I know. School is probably the worst place in the UNIVERSE! I'm over-reacting.. Anyways my first school days were okay but pretty boring. I still have that guy who I was crushing on last year - I'm sure YOU do aswell *wink wink*
The only part I don't like about school is geography and history. If any of those are your favourite subjects then I am sorry that I have offended you xD I just don't like them. I know there is reasons for each subject but there is just so much that you need to remember in Geo and History. Honestly I do like some topics in them but most topics are so boring I could fall asleep during class. Have you ever fallen asleep during class? Did you get in trouble or laughed at?
Also since this is my final year in this school since everyone in my year is now leaving, people are creating a lot of drama. SO MANY DRAMA LLAMAS! Some drama is funny or all "Oooh she did what now?" but my year creates pointless drama. I mean someone could drop a pencil and others would make a fight of it. Welcome to my world
Sorry that I've been ranting on and on about school. Can any of you guys relate to how I feel about my school at the moment? Anyone?!

Oh well.

Until next time!
- Mika xox

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