Thursday, September 3, 2015

Interview With SOTW Star Vampirelover151!

SOTW Winner Vampirelover151
Hi everyone, Sierra here!
As you all know, last week was the picture perfect SOTW Sunday hosted by your fashion queen +MyaWooz, (if some of you are asking about why it wasn't Jenny like according to WoozNews, they accidentally switched them out.) at the usual 4:00-5:00 PM WT.

The unit like always opened 30 minutes prior to the show, and yours truly and Itching attended, as this week's theme was WNS Sapphire Blue (Color Code: 0552BA) in our of the September birthstone for September, a beautiful blue! (I had to make this forum post along with the theme, uhhh.)

We had a very interesting panel of judges, but let's talk about the killer styles that were shown on the runway this week!

In third place, we have BruceCadez, with really awesome tan and blond looks, not to mention with some bright white colors, and lyk4a, with an amazing Sapphire-colored hair!
In second place, we have my boyfriend Itching (although he prefers you call him David), with his WNS Rock (but Team Dance) style with a nice WNS DJ Cap from 2014! and also ((yours truly)) SierraTooCool, I combined a MylieGoulding top with a Meygan Skirt (Bratz collection.. Looooveee.), not to mention with a Doll Face.

But most importantly, our SOTW was vampirelover151! (YAS VAMPY!)
I got the chance to interview Vampy, and she agreed! <3

Me: So first off, how do you feel right now?
Vampirelover151: Still somewhat shocked that I did get compliments on bringing some old styles with the new xD I dropped my phone when I did get announced because my really close friend Tam said that i'd win and I kept doubting her xD She's still really hype about it like "AHHA, I told you." It was pretty funny xD I'm really grateful.
Me: Awh, that's really cool! Can you tell us how you created this amazing outfit? :)
Vampirelover151: I was actually going through some old outfits of mine from 2013 and such, I was actually in love with the detail of those and how it just clicked together. I wasn't really a fan of the other outfits because they were kind of a little too sparkly for my likings xD You know?
Me: Those are pretty cool combinations, indeed! How did you react when Mya announced you had became the Sapphire SOTW?
Vampirelover151: Let's just say I may or may not have dropped my phone and cracked the screen omg
Me: Ohmygod, wow! xD Anyways, can you tell everyone who wants to try and become the next SOTW what to try and do? :)

Vampirelover151: I want to tell them to try and put the old with the new, don't focus on the present, take some time to look at the detail of the old outfits and see what they have to do with the new xD
Me: That's some pretty great advice, Vampy! CX Now that you've won SOTW, what are you going to do next?
Vampirelover151: Uh, I don't know. xD I don't take this as being like the most famous person ever, I'm just proud I got a good advantage of getting a title for the first time i've been going for.
Me: Thank you for your time, Vampy. CX
Vampirelover151: Np, thankyouuu. xD

And that was our amazing interview with the one and only Vampy!
Until next time everyone, stay cute! xx

Until next time, woozens!
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